Two Days from Detroit

Photo Credit: Sergio Gaetani

Photo Credit: Sergio Gaetani

I love this song so much. I got the idea for it while traveling in South America. While I wasn't that far from an airport, it dawned on me that with a bit of good placement and effort, I'm not much further than two days travel back to Detroit from anywhere in the world. From there, I wanted to tell the story of the most important things I can think of, love and home. Love, for without I have nothing.

Home is simple. It makes up everything you are. And home isn't just the house you grew up in. It's the kids you played with as a child, your education, church, every lover, every bandmate or musician you ever worked. Until, in the case of this songs story, the character is breaking out on his own and is ready to carry the weight on his own shoulders.

And the idea of someone setting out to improve their life is very real. My Grandfather set out to the U.S in the 50's by himself... and 3 years later when he sent for my grandmother and their kids, moving the entire family to Detroit from Italy. This story happens every day as people travel out from their hometown to explore something new or drive for better.

As I thought more and more about the idea of Two Days, and we as individuals grow through life, all of our environments surrounding us contribute to where we are right now. And that is what this song is about.


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