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King of Anything

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King of Anything

Simple fact: Sonic Youth kicks ass. As the definition of the word fact states, this is not an opinion. It’s the reality of the how the world works and how things are. I have no shame in admitting I definitely had Sonic Youth in mind when I was first writing the song, King of Anything. This influence will most likely show up again.  As the song developed, David Bowie somehow worked his into the track as well - I think I was listening to Let’s Dance on repeat during this period. So I had this Sonic Youth/Bowie influenced song and originally wanted horns on the track, but due to lack of budget and a decent horn sample, I used a synth to place-hold some parts, which was really the beginning of my new found love for synthesizers. For years I hated them and fought against using them in any capacity. I guess this is how drug habits start as well…use them once and see how awesome they are, you don’t want to stop.

I had every intention to NOT use distortion guitar on this album. I wanted to focus on clean tone Jaguar with heavy reverb for a cohesive sound through out the album. The way this song came together, I realized there was no other solution, the ending needed to shred as this wall of sound came together. While recording, the guitar solo just screamed 1980’s driving montage scene, you know, like in Rock I, II, II and IV. Then I took a page from Black Sabbath, and thought, when one guitar solo is cool, two is better. So I layered two guitar solos on top of each other and really got something, I think, is fairly interesting. 

Speaking of the 80’s and driving montages, I really thought the solo really captured the final scene of the story I was trying to tell. King of Anything, is story about attending extremely formal events, and then doing the only logical thing, which is to get really, really drunk at them. As some point in the evening, some form of drama ensues, which can only lead to the next logical thing, a driving montage. I’m willing to bet (not actual money of course) If you’re the type of person to actually read this article, then the likelihood of this scenario playing out in your life is pretty high. And let’s be honest on one more point, at least the formal events I attend, people are pretty bombed at the end of  the night at these things. I watched enough 80’s movies to know that was a common occurrence back then as well so in my mind it all tied together.

Not sure how I got Sonic Youth, Davide Bowie and a Rocky montage to make sense for a song, but it does to me, so there you have it. So fire up your favorite 80’s sports car, pop on King of Anything and take a late night cruise. I think you’ll enjoy the vibe. Just try to be sober when you do it.

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